Keeping Your Organization Safe from Data and Privacy Breaches

Before this article will tackle further on the ways in which you can keep yourself safe from data and privacy breaches, you have to first know what a security breach means. There are different meanings that you can draw from this particular term. However, this article will deal more with how security breaches are associated with information technology. So, here, security breach is defined as a situation wherein a person intentionally misuses or exceeds access to data, system, and network where their action brings about some negative effect on the security or the operations, systems, and data of an organization.

If you talk about data breaches, the entities who are more at risk of suffering from them are the various organizations. These effects can range from less tangible ones affecting the customer loyalty and brand of a business to the more tangible and easily calculable ones that result to business and notification loss. Now that you know the basics of security breach, what follows are some ways in which you can keep your organization safe from the threats of data and privacy breaches.

Always change default passwords
Until now, a lot of people have still not learned anything from keeping their applications and devices free from security breaches. A lot of people are still guilty with just keeping the passwords and usernames of their devices on default. Hackers are very much aware of this fact. Still not buying it? Try looking up the internet for default passwords. From there, you will learn just how important it is that you have your passwords changed. If you will be changing your password, make sure to make it strong, that is, a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and other character symbols.

Avoid reusing old passwords
A lot of people are guilty of using the same password and username combination for their different accounts thinking that things will be made much easier on their part. You may even be guilty of this. If your hacker finds out what password and username combination you use on one account, they will be using it on your other accounts and try to hack them. Never make it easy for them.

Go beyond typical IT security measures
In order for data breach security threats to be decreased in your organization, your IT security measures should go beyond your IT department. Your company should be able to keep track and evaluate your remote project control, employee exit strategies, and offsite and onsite data storage practices. Furthermore, new procedures and policies and physical safeguards should be enforced and established.

Come up with a detailed data loss protection plan
Creating a data loss protection plan that is comprehensive gives your regulators and clients the idea that your organization has focused its efforts in addressing data security threats in the organization. Just make sure that you have your plan properly demonstrated all throughout your company structure to guarantee that all your employees know what to do in case data breach ensues.

Monitor security logs
As an administrator, you should be able to check your system logs every single day. In particular, you should pay close attention to your security logs as they will serve as your first line of defense against data breaches and threats.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Cloud Storage

Most individuals and companies that have a lot of data that need storing often require some external drive to serve as their backup storage space. But then, your external drives are just like your internal drives where the data that you have put inside of them can still get lost because of some device error. Another reason could also be as simple as losing your external drives physically or seeing them stolen intentionally. These are just some of the reasons why cloud storage services have come into the picture.

Cloud storage services have been existing in the IT market for quite some time. However, there are still a lot of people or organizations that are hesitant in taking advantage of them. The main reason why this is so is because of the cost that they must spend on them monthly just so they can use them. But then, if you really come to think about the uses of cloud storage, you will soon realize just how beneficial they are and how they never are a waste of your time and money. Every penny that you invest in cloud storage is truly worth it. Here you will read more about the reasons why you should start investing in cloud storage services right now.

Vast storage space: One of the reasons why more and more individuals and companies have come to appreciate the use of cloud storage services will have to be the fact that the sky is the limit with the amount of data and information that you can store in them. If you compare the storage spaces of most external drives, you know that they will never compare to how vast the storage space is on the cloud. Furthermore, the interface is just very easy to use that you can quickly save your data in a few seconds to minutes easily.

Absence of physical presence: The moment you store all of your data and information on the cloud, you will not have to worry anymore about where you can keep your eternal drives well secured. Instead of buying and then putting away your external drives, with cloud storage services, you just have to keep yourself associated with their website and you can simply have all your data and information saved in them.

Automatic backup convenience: Gone are the days where you have to manually insert your external drives to your PCs and wait for some time to have all data that you need stored in them. With cloud storage services, every piece of data and information that you need to save on the cloud will just be done automatically. You just have to make sure to set the automatic cloud saving capabilities according to your preferences.

Easy restoration: Traditionally, the process of recovering data from your hard drive can take a long time and a more complicated process to finish. With cloud storage, however, you do not have to wait a long time to restore and recover your data. The process can just be done by you with its being fast and straightforward. If you happen to have some questions about the process, you can seek some technical assistance accordingly.

The Importance of Data Recovery

If you ever try asking the big names in IT regarding the thing that matters the most in a world where information and data seem to be available everywhere, for sure they will answer you in one word, data. Yes, you read that right. The single most important thing that any person or organization should value is their data. All data you send online matters equally, and they should be secured in servers that will allow you to take a look back at them for reference.

Thus, this is how important data is. If other people whom you do not know value their data the most, what more if your data is the one you are talking about. For sure, you consider them to be priceless, right? Of course, the level of importance might also matter based on the sensitiveness of the content of your data. Either way, they are still important for you no matter what.

• What are the common reasons for data loss?
No matter how important all the data that you have collected over the course of time is, there will be instances where these bits of data will be lost forever owing to their being electronic and mechanical in nature. Their life and durability also have limits, and data is also at risk of the classic wear and tear. Basically, the most common reasons why data loss occurs include hacking, partitioning errors, crashing of your hard disk, and more. Other reasons include corrupter operating system, malware attack, and device theft that all lead to your personal data being vulnerable. These bits of data could range from several years of capturing and saving photographs to an important presentation of a multi-million dollar deal.

• What is data recovery?
As the name implies, data recovery is the process of attempting to get back or recover some or all of the data that was once present in your hard disk. The whole process might sound simple, but all it takes is just one mistake and you will end up saying goodbye to your precious data forever.

The moment you find out that your hard drive has become corrupted, it is vital that you find a data recover expert as fast as you can. If you will let the days pass you by, the more difficult, risky, and complicated the task of data recovery becomes. Data recovery is made possible with the use of different methods that all depend on the cause and situation that has led to the failure of your hardware. Whichever method the data recovery expert you approach uses, all of these methods have one goal, and that is to recover all the files that are found in your disk such as documents, photos, spreadsheets, codes, and more and transfer them to some device to serve as your backup.

• What must you not do?
The moment your files become corrupted and you have a hard time retrieving them, it is best that you do not think and act like a data recovery expert if you are not. Rather than messing more with your drives and files and trying to resolve the issues on your own, just stop. Stop and seek out the services of a data recovery expert.

Top Tips to Prevent Data Loss

The data that you have created and stored inside of your computers and networks is the reason why you consider these things to be of value. Besides, having all of this data is the reason why you have bought your own computer or network. This is why you must make sure to protect all of your data at all times. If the applications and operating systems that you have installed on your computer will be deleted, you can always have them reinstalled. However, the same cannot be said with the unique data that you have created and stored. Once they get lost, unfortunately, you cannot get them back anymore.

Besides most data found on your computer to be more unique, some can also be highly confidential. Clearly, you do not want to lose it, and you also do not want other people to view it without your consent. You become a victim of identity theft when your credit card, social security number, and bank account information are exposed to people you do not know. Furthermore, company documents may include the financial records of your company, personal information of your client and employees, and your trade secrets.

Below are some ways in which you can secure your data and prevent its loss.

1. Utilize disk encryption
You see a lot of third-party products nowadays that enable you to encrypt data found on your entire disk as well as any removable devices that you have such as flash drives, USB drives, and the like. Disk encryption allows locking down of all of the contents found on your disk drive and removable devices. Data will be encrypted the moment it will be written on the hard disk and will then be decrypted before it gets loaded into memory. You can come up with a master password for your own use and some secondary passwords with access rights to other users.

2. Use a public key infrastructure
A PKI or public key infrastructure is a method of managing private or public key pairs and digital certificates. To protect the data that you will be sharing with your intended recipient, using a PKI allows you to encrypt your data with the public key of your recipient that can be accessed by anyone. However, the holder of the private key corresponding to the public key is the only person who can decrypt your data.

3. Protect data with IP security while in transit
Using a sniffer software, most expert hackers can easily capture your data while it is traveling over a network. To ensure that your data is well protected while it is in transit, you can utilize an internet protocol security system. Just be sure that both your receiving and sending systems are supported by this system. You can have your IP security setting configured using the properties option of your TCP/IP protocol. You can find this from the Options tab on your Advanced TCP/IP Settings. Most operating systems already come with built-in support for IP security. Just be sure that you have everything set appropriately.

Top Three Mistakes to Avoid in Buying Receipt Printers

For faster business operations, the use of point of sale systems is a must. And the use of point of sale systems also requires investing in receipt printers. A lot of industries utilize them from retail stores to hotels and many more. In the present, there are different kinds of receipt printers that business owners can choose from.

You have the inkjet, dot matrix, and thermal variants, to name a few. But despite these many options, most people have a hard time deciding which one they should get thereby making mistakes along the way. If you are looking forward to buying receipt printers, this short article will give you the top three mistakes that you should avoid when buying one.

1. Not paying attention to compatibility issues
Before you buy any receipt printer, you have to check if it is compatible with your point of sale software. It will be better if you seek some advice from the software vendor before buying one. Being compatible also implies that your receipt printer should function well with your present equipment and programs. You will end up disappointed if you buy a new receipt printer that does not work well with the technology that you are using.

Aside from your software, you should also check how compatible your receipt printer is to your hardware and check such a compatibility carefully. Once you find a receipt printer that is compatible with your current system, you should call the vendor and ask for quotes. Once you have figured all of these things out and have received the best answers to your questions, you then proceed in getting a receipt printer.

2. Undermining all the necessary costs
Another mistake that some people make in buying receipt printers is that they only consider how much the printer costs alone and not the additional expenses that they will be spending later like the cost of ink, paper, and so on. From a 150-feet roll, you can have 200 receipts printed. In terms of price, the traditional white paper receipt is cheaper than the thermal paper.

If you must include the logo of your company in your paper receipts, expect the price of your receipts to double. You can, however, save more of your money if you choose the thermal variant to have your logos printed on top of your receipts every time they are made.

Aside from paper, do not forget to think about the cost of your ink. You should be able to regularly change your ribbon or inkjet cartridge. Ribbons used for the dot-matrix variant can print about 3,000,000 characters costing an average of $3 each. If you consider the entire lifetime of your receipt printer, you will be replacing your ribbons about 200 times costing you more or less $600.

3. Deciding based on cost alone
Most people want to save their money when investing in something that is why most would always go for cost-effective receipt printers. However, though the price is important, you should not sacrifice its quality. You cannot expect to make the most of your receipt printers if you go with the cheap ones that are of low quality. If possible, you should always choose receipt printers that comprise the features that you need but at a reasonable price.