Top Three Mistakes to Avoid in Buying Receipt Printers

For faster business operations, the use of point of sale systems is a must. And the use of point of sale systems also requires investing in receipt printers. A lot of industries utilize them from retail stores to hotels and many more. In the present, there are different kinds of receipt printers that business owners can choose from.

You have the inkjet, dot matrix, and thermal variants, to name a few. But despite these many options, most people have a hard time deciding which one they should get thereby making mistakes along the way. If you are looking forward to buying receipt printers, this short article will give you the top three mistakes that you should avoid when buying one.

1. Not paying attention to compatibility issues
Before you buy any receipt printer, you have to check if it is compatible with your point of sale software. It will be better if you seek some advice from the software vendor before buying one. Being compatible also implies that your receipt printer should function well with your present equipment and programs. You will end up disappointed if you buy a new receipt printer that does not work well with the technology that you are using.

Aside from your software, you should also check how compatible your receipt printer is to your hardware and check such a compatibility carefully. Once you find a receipt printer that is compatible with your current system, you should call the vendor and ask for quotes. Once you have figured all of these things out and have received the best answers to your questions, you then proceed in getting a receipt printer.

2. Undermining all the necessary costs
Another mistake that some people make in buying receipt printers is that they only consider how much the printer costs alone and not the additional expenses that they will be spending later like the cost of ink, paper, and so on. From a 150-feet roll, you can have 200 receipts printed. In terms of price, the traditional white paper receipt is cheaper than the thermal paper.

If you must include the logo of your company in your paper receipts, expect the price of your receipts to double. You can, however, save more of your money if you choose the thermal variant to have your logos printed on top of your receipts every time they are made.

Aside from paper, do not forget to think about the cost of your ink. You should be able to regularly change your ribbon or inkjet cartridge. Ribbons used for the dot-matrix variant can print about 3,000,000 characters costing an average of $3 each. If you consider the entire lifetime of your receipt printer, you will be replacing your ribbons about 200 times costing you more or less $600.

3. Deciding based on cost alone
Most people want to save their money when investing in something that is why most would always go for cost-effective receipt printers. However, though the price is important, you should not sacrifice its quality. You cannot expect to make the most of your receipt printers if you go with the cheap ones that are of low quality. If possible, you should always choose receipt printers that comprise the features that you need but at a reasonable price.