Keeping Your Organization Safe from Data and Privacy Breaches

Before this article will tackle further on the ways in which you can keep yourself safe from data and privacy breaches, you have to first know what a security breach means. There are different meanings that you can draw from this particular term. However, this article will deal more with how security breaches are associated with information technology. So, here, security breach is defined as a situation wherein a person intentionally misuses or exceeds access to data, system, and network where their action brings about some negative effect on the security or the operations, systems, and data of an organization.

If you talk about data breaches, the entities who are more at risk of suffering from them are the various organizations. These effects can range from less tangible ones affecting the customer loyalty and brand of a business to the more tangible and easily calculable ones that result to business and notification loss. Now that you know the basics of security breach, what follows are some ways in which you can keep your organization safe from the threats of data and privacy breaches.

Always change default passwords
Until now, a lot of people have still not learned anything from keeping their applications and devices free from security breaches. A lot of people are still guilty with just keeping the passwords and usernames of their devices on default. Hackers are very much aware of this fact. Still not buying it? Try looking up the internet for default passwords. From there, you will learn just how important it is that you have your passwords changed. If you will be changing your password, make sure to make it strong, that is, a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and other character symbols.

Avoid reusing old passwords
A lot of people are guilty of using the same password and username combination for their different accounts thinking that things will be made much easier on their part. You may even be guilty of this. If your hacker finds out what password and username combination you use on one account, they will be using it on your other accounts and try to hack them. Never make it easy for them.

Go beyond typical IT security measures
In order for data breach security threats to be decreased in your organization, your IT security measures should go beyond your IT department. Your company should be able to keep track and evaluate your remote project control, employee exit strategies, and offsite and onsite data storage practices. Furthermore, new procedures and policies and physical safeguards should be enforced and established.

Come up with a detailed data loss protection plan
Creating a data loss protection plan that is comprehensive gives your regulators and clients the idea that your organization has focused its efforts in addressing data security threats in the organization. Just make sure that you have your plan properly demonstrated all throughout your company structure to guarantee that all your employees know what to do in case data breach ensues.

Monitor security logs
As an administrator, you should be able to check your system logs every single day. In particular, you should pay close attention to your security logs as they will serve as your first line of defense against data breaches and threats.